Friday, July 15, 2011

The End

Last night was amazing!!! I am so happy I got to see the new Harry Potter movie at midnight yesterday. I have pretty much grown up with the books and have waited in lines for new books and movies at midnight countless times so I think this was a fitting ending to the saga :) 

In my opinion the movie was extremely well made and followed the book almost exactly. It was phenomenal and I can't wait to watch both the Deathly Hallows movies together! I got a little sad on the car ride home, though, because this really is the end of the series. I know there will be plenty of other Harry Potter events and spin-offs, but to me this is the true ending. The only thing left is to visit the Wizarding World in FL!! That is most definitely on my 'bucket list' before I graduate high school.

I got home last night around 3am so sleeping in was like a present. I didn't go to xc practice and slept like a champ til about 11!

Breakfast was an egg sandwich with Laughing Cow served with some strawberries. Hit the spot.

I went for a short 2 mile run after I ate and it was nice to stretch my legs and get the blood pumpin'. I'm really sore from yesterday's hilly 7-miler, especially in my lower back/upper butt. It was nice to get moving but I don't think I could've lasted more than 2 miles! Just shows that there is a lot of work for improvement this upcoming season. 

I'm off to find someone that will massage my sore body... :)

Have you seen the new HP movie? What did you think?

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  1. Loved the HP movie, though I was sad it was over- and your sandwich+strawbs look yummy!