Monday, July 11, 2011

Dance Class Fail

After my rest day yesterday, I awoke this morning craving some exercise. I went to cross country practice but actually ended up running by myself because so many people are at a running camp this week. Since there were so few people at practice I just ventured off on my own 5.0 mile run - without music! It was tough at first to keep my motivation up in the silence, but finally after the first mile or so I zoned out and enjoyed the rest of the run. Sometimes it's actually very peaceful and relaxing to run in the quiet.

After my run I drove over to the gym. I know that it may seem like I do a ton of exercise - but that's how it's been for the past few years and I love exercising. Last cross country season I would go for an hour+ run and then head over to an hour and a half of soccer practice. It was a little tiring at first but I got into really good shape and loved every minute of it. Now that I'm not playing soccer anymore, I really look forward to my trips to the gym. I also know that by incorporating more strength training into my routine I will grow stronger and my times this upcoming season will be faster.

Once I got to the gym I walked a slow mile on the treadmill, waiting for BodyPump to start, while watching Rupert Grint on Live! with Regis and Kelly.

It was so much fun to watch and got me even more pumped for the Deathly Hallows Part 2!

After BodyPump, there was an Indian dance class coming in after me. I was just about to leave when I remembered my challenge to try something new each day so I stayed for a little bit. I didn't end up liking the class at all, which was surprising since I love to dance, so I left after 15 minutes or so. There were wayy to many complicated steps and I didn't feel like I was getting a workout, which was a bummer!

I arrived home ravenous! I always make sure to refuel properly since I exercise so much, and many of my snacks don't even make it to the blog.

Today's breakfast included scrambled eggs, an english muffin with Laughing Cow, and a slice of lean bacon. It was the perfect hot breakfast to go with today's dreary weather.

I always eat my eggs with ketchup - so if there's ever pictures on the blog with plain eggs, just know that they always end up looking like this :)

I'm off to grab some fruit and a snack - not sure what today's plans are! Catchya later!

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