Sunday, July 17, 2011

Zucchini Muffin Fail

Today has been such a fun and relaxing day - I <3 Sundays!

This morning I woke up nice and late and had a yummy egg/veggie/potato scramble with a side of berries.

Then I headed to church to hang out with some awesome preschoolers. I volunteer 1-2 times a month in Sunday school at my church and it's a lot of fun. We mostly play since they are so little but we also include a little bible story each week as well.

Came home and had a snack of carrots and red pepper hummus before taking off on a bike ride for lunch!

But, right before my mom, brother, and I were about to leave on our bike ride, I toppled over in our driveway. Fail.

What happened was I had one foot hooked into the pedal cage-type thingys (for when you want to "clip in" but don't have fancy shoes) because I was all ready to go. As my mom was putting on her helmet, I leaned a little too far in the wrong direction and fell right over, bike and all.

I ended up with a few battle scars like this

But we continued on our way. We had lunch at Whole Foods and I made myself a fantastic salad.

I piled mushrooms, carrots, onions, chickpeas, a giant white bean salad, chicken, feta + cheddar cheese, hummus, and a mini pita on top of a bed of mixed spring greens. There was so much flavor in this salad there was no need for dressing!

After we biked back home, I got to work in the kitchen. I wanted to make use of the zucchini we got at the farmer's market yesterday so I looked up a few recipes for muffins/bread and went for it.

The batter looked (and tasted) fantastic and I was quite happy with them when they went into the oven...

But not so happy when they came out. They were baked on the top but gooey in the middle and I'm not sure what went wrong! They also sank a lot after coming out of the oven.

This was my second time baking with flax egg and it's the second time that the result has been gooey and not cooked! I'm not sure if it was the flax egg or too much zucchini but they definitely didn't work, which was a bummer.

Anyone have any fool-proof zucchini & summer squash recipes for me to try??

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  1. Ouch! That scratch looks like it hurt!!

    That's weird about the muffins! I'm guessing that maybe it wasn't cooked long enough. I find that when I make vegan baked goods, they take much longer to bake than something that contains eggs. I usually bake it even longer after the toothpick comes out clean (depending on the baked good) just to firm it up a bit more because they can be gummy.

    I have a whole post dedicated to zucchini recipes! Definitely check it out if you want some good ones. I also have my go to zucchini bread posted on there that is ahhhmazing! Hope you have a zucchini WIN next time! :D