Friday, July 22, 2011

Cool and Refreshing

Today's lunch was a nice relief from the heat outside.

I cut up a bunch of watermelon to put in the fridge but ended up eating like half of it! It was just so cold and juicy that I didn't want to stop eating :)

I also had a simple green salad with mushrooms and carrots dressed with some Newman's Own dressing.

And the star of the show was this awesome chocolatey icy drink I made. It included a frozen fudge bar, vanilla Chobani, vanilla almond milk, cocoa powder, and ice. YUM!

This afternoon I also made some of my white cake in cupcake form as a treat for the family. I only made a quarter of the recipe and it made 6 wonderful cupcakes.

Two are missing... I wonder where they went?

I also recently got some new protein powder at Whole Foods! After I ate all of the protein powder that my friend gave me, I convinced my mom that I actually was going to use it if we bought our own. So we did!

Tonight my stomach was feeling off and I had a slight headache, which meant more icy chocolate drink for dinner! It was all I felt like eating - this bowl included the recently purchased protein powder, more vanilla Chobani, a fudge bar, cocoa powder, ice, and almond milk.

Topped off with some frozen Muddy Buddies for good measure :)

With a side of pita crisps

Today's eats have been crazy weird! My stomach has just been all over the place so hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow.

In the meantime I'm off to find a small something for dessert (cause ya know, that big giant bowl of chocolatey goodness was only dinner.... J)


  1. Mmm watermelon. It's so cool and refreshing, especially on a hot summer day! You should try making a watermelon smoothie -- sounds weird, but I promise it is good! Maybe not as good as chocolate, but is anything better than chocolate? Haha.

    Ps send me some cupcakes! They look so good!!

  2. mmm don't cha love watermelon? I hate it when my stomach is feeling weird...luckily it usually returns to normalcy by the next morning (:

    And those cupcakes look delish! I would totally slather one of those babies with some nutella for sure. I haven't had just a plain white cake in so long! (and my fave frosting for it is of course, chocolate)Plus, I love small batches! :D