Friday, July 15, 2011

Mishmash Family Dinner

Today I had a late lunch since I woke up nice and late this morning. I was starving because I got stuck in traffic (road construction...) and got home a half an hour late.

I grabbed some carrots and hummus to chomp on while I decided what to make

And then I decided on a black bean and cheese quesadilla with an avocado/salsa mix on the side (not the prettiest but definitely tasty!). I grilled this up in my panini maker that I received for my birthday last year, which I love! 

After "lunch" at 4pm, I headed out to meet my mom at Whole Foods when she finished work. We picked up a steak for my dad and grabbed salad toppings for ourselves. There was guac in the salad bar today!!!

For dinner I had my salad (which included cucumber, carrot, mushroom, white bean salad, chickpeas,shredded cheese, and guac) and a mishmash of everyone else's dinner. 

I seasoned and roasted some potatoes for my dad to have with his steak. He loves to barbecue and the rest of the family isn't a huge fan of steak, so it's not worth the $ for us all to have it for dinner when only my dad will truly enjoy it. My brother Jay put a frozen pizza in the oven for himself, so my plate included a slice of pizza and some roasted potatoes.

 Usually these "mishmash" dinners happen quite often in my house! It's what happens when you put two healthy (and more adventurous) eaters, one very picky eater, and one major meat-eater together under one roof.

(New thing I tried today: purple potatoes! I think they have more nutrients than plain old regular taters?) 

I'm off to find something to satisfy my sweet tooth and watch some TV! Seeya tomorrow :) 


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