Sunday, July 10, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Sleeping in this morning was glorious. It was so refreshing to sleep til 9 that I'm dreading having to get up early to go to cross country practice tomorrow! But I definitely enjoyed the extra sleep this morning.

I couldn't decide what to make for breakfast or lunch today. For breakfast, I fell back on my favorite peanut butter tortilla with a side of strawberries and scrambled eggs w/ ketchup. I was craving both pb and eggs so this worked out perfectly.

After breakfast I showered up and then my family went to church. It was really refreshing to go since I haven't been to the main service in awhile (camp, Maui, and volunteering in preschool) and I really enjoyed the music.

When we came home for lunch, again I couldn't decide what to make. So I made a small salad to tide me over until I could decide. It included romaine, carrots, mushrooms, pinto beans, avocado, mexican cheese, and sesame ginger dressing. I love these random mexican/asian combo salads!

While I ate my salad I browsed some blogs to see if any recipes jumped out at me that would strike me with inspiration for lunch. After seeing a few blog posts that included pizza, a pizza craving set in that I couldn't shake off so I rolled with it. I broiled a whole wheat tortilla while sauteeing some mushrooms, spinach, and onion. Then I topped the crispy tortilla with pizza sauce, a mixture of sharp cheddar and asiago cheese, and the veggies and popped it back in the oven to let the cheese melt. 

I love how much pizza you get to eat when you use a tortilla! This combo was definitely a good one with the addition of the veggies. 

This was enjoyed while watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family. I love how every time I turn on the TV now, Harry Potter is on! I am so in love with the series, especially since I grew up with it. I've been to book releases and midnight movie showings so I'm going to be really sad once it's over. I've read all of the books probably at least 20 times each and watched the movies countless times. I even used to read HP fan sites and when I was younger, I dreamed that one day I would get a letter to Hogwarts (didn't we all??). 

I definitely think that my generation has a love for Harry Potter like none other because we have spent our childhoods reading, watching, and anxiously awaiting new releases. Most of us also were at the age that the main characters were for most of the books which made them easy to relate to. I am so excited to see the last movie, especially because the 7th book was my favorite and because the actors are playing characters that are close to my age! I am seeing the midnight showing with my brother and every time I see a preview I start getting little butterflies of excitement. 

I'm off to read a little of the 7th book - I'm working my way through and hopefully I will finish it to get a refresher for the movie :) 

Are you an HP fanatic? What book/movie was your favorite?

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