Thursday, July 7, 2011

Maui Recap #2

Hi guys!!

This morning's getup was awful for the second day in a row! I had to get up early because I wanted to make my 8am cross country practice and it was not fun...  not to mention getting out of bed felt like I'd been hit by a truck - BodyPump really worked me hard yesterday! But, I'm awake now and my run is finished (4.5 miles), my legs stretched out, and that's all that matters, right? I can't wait to be 100% back on CA time - maybe by tomorrow?

Speaking of Maui... here's another recap with more photos!

The first full day we went to Napili Beach where I floated around on my boogie board, snorkeled, and saw a giant turtle! I wish I had an underwater camera so I could show you guys a photo of that guy :)

check out my facial expression in this one hahhahhhhh

Jay gettin some major air time!

my mom and I in our snorkel masks - cute, no? ;)

The first day was a ton of fun, especially snorkeling, but the next day we wanted to go to a different beach with some bigger waves for boogie boarding.

The beach we picked was Kaanapali Beach and it was perfect. The waves were definitely big enough to boogie board, it wasn't too crowded, and a mall was located just five minutes' walk away.

Boogie boarding fun!

My brother and my dad were 'coaching' me in the beginning when I first got out there because I kept missing all the waves. This was the first one I got and both of them are looking at me like 'go, go, go!' and I love it!

Cartwheelin' :)

We had so much fun at Kaanapali that the next day we went back to the very same beach, in the exact same spot!

The whole trip was a blast and these photos just capture snippets of the awesome time we had! One more recap post is coming too :)

I'm off to the pool to hang out with some friends - catchya for dinner!

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