Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer 2011 Running Playlist

This morning was a great one :) I went for a 6.3 mile run and it was nice and cool because the fog hadn't burned off yet. Guess it pays off to get up early, huh? My playlist for my run was awesome and I wanted to share it with you guys!

It was really upbeat and kept me going especially at the end when I was losing speed. At some points I felt like busting out some dance moves in the middle of running but I didn't want to freak out any passerby and make them crash their cars ;)

When I came home I had a delicious summery breakfast. The peanut butter tortilla is back in full force! We ran out of tortillas but yesterday we took a trip to Costco and now we're restocked. I missed them so much... obsessed much?
I also had a fresh peach on the side that was perfectly juicy and crunchy. I really like my peaches and nectarines to be crunchy like apples and this one hit the spot.

Notice the gold sparkly nail polish - yesterday I painted my own fingernails (on both hands!!) for the first time. I have tried before but just ended up getting nail polish everywhere since I'm not that coordinated. Somehow yesterday it worked!

After I ate (while watching the women's soccer World Cup) my mom and I ran some errands on our bikes. In the summer I think it's really fun to bike to go to the store since I love exercising, I love going to the store, and I have time to bike!

We bought a new pack of gum to try but it turned out to be disgusting. It was on sale (I wonder why...) and looked black.

 Questionable face turns to "this tastes like crap" face...

We're not going to be buying that kind of gum again, that's for sure.

Getting ready to head back home...

My biking buddy!
in twinnie shirts, too!
Now I'm off to shower and grab some lunch - seeya soon!

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