Monday, July 4, 2011

Time Difference

I am home from Maui!!! It was such an amazing trip and I had so much fun the whole week. It was so relaxing to just hit the beach every day, swim, and shop. And Maui is probably the most gorgeous place on the planet - what more could you ask for?? I took a ton of photos when we were there so be ready for some recap posts coming your way!

We got back last night around 10pm California time but it was only 7pm in Hawaii, so we just had some snacks and parked on the couch to catch up with the DVR. I ended up not going to bed until 1:30 am, which was really 10:30 HI time, so this morning I slept in. It was glorious.

The whole night Lexy snuggled with me - ever since we got back she'd been following me everywhere! I think a whole 2 weeks of not having a snuggle buddy really hit her hard ;) I definitely missed her cute little face.

Of course I missed Ginnie Mae, Cinnamon, and Tuxy as well, but I have a special bond with this little one :)

After getting out of bed close to noon, I had a peanut butter tortilla and then hit the gym for about an hour and a half. I just did a hodge-podge sort of workout, which included:

  • 30 mins elliptical
  • 20 mins treadmill intervals
  • 10 mins stairclimber
  • ~20 mins weights
It felt good to be at the gym again - while I was in Maui I just went for runs along the beach, and I definitely missed pumping some iron.

When I got home it was already past 3pm, which was weird feeling since I hadn't even eaten a full breakfast yet. I decided to have a combo of a breakfast food (blueberry smoothie) and lunch food (english muffin pizza - I am in love with these things!).

My smoothie included an Oikos Blueberry Greek Yogurt that needed to be eaten
 frozen berries
 fresh spinach
 frozen banana
 and a splash of milk

I missed my smoothies so much on vacation! Nothing beats a nice cold, creamy smoothie on a hot day like today.

Served alongside my pizzas

This was a perfect meal! Although we pretty much had a full kitchen where we were staying in Maui (post on that coming soon!) we didn't have the ingredients we usually have on hand at home, because we only bought the basic groceries for the week. Going to the grocery store after the gym was probably a highlight of my day - anyone else absolutely LOVE going grocery shopping??

I am planning on making something yummy for dinner tonight - I got so many ideas from reading Clean Eating and Cooking Light on the flight home.

On the agenda for this afternoon is unpacking, taking a long shower, and watching the Giants baseball game with the fam! Not sure what the plans are for tonight since we are definitely in the wrong time zone right now, but I'm sure some fun Fourth of July party poppers will be included :)

Hope you all are enjoying the Fourth!
What's the worst time-zone change you've ever made on a trip?
How did you spend your Fourth of July?

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