Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Foodie Wish List

This afternoon I set out on an attempt to make kat's walnut almond butter. It seemed simple enough and I was only making a small batch with the walnuts and almonds I had in the freezer.

But instead of getting a delicious smooth butter I ended up with a solid log of blended nuts! I am fairly sure that this is due to my not-so-great blender. It's pretty old and doesn't have enough power to crush ice very well, so I'm taking a guess that it doesn't have the power to nutbutterify my almonds and walnuts! The 'log' was quite tasty but not exactly spreadable.

At this point I was wishing for a Vita-Mix.... Then I got thinking about all of the "foodie" things that I dream of owning or tasting one day. There are quite a few so this is just a short list!

Of course the Vita-Mix is close to the top of the list

Also on my list is a nicer camera like the Nikon D7000
I currently use a Canon PowerShot A3100, which is a smaller digital camera. It is perfect for trips and going out with friends because it is small, and it takes pretty good photos. But I really would love to have a fancier camera to experiment and learn more about photography!

In terms of fitness, a heart rate monitor is a gadget that I think would be super cool to own. My mom has a Polar heart rate monitor and I feel like it would help me push myself more in my workouts. (but of course, still a luxury!)

Most of the above items are ohsonothappening so I thought I'd make a short list of less expensive items - mostly food!
  • Protein powder: I have never tried protein powder and I would love to! But I can only find it sold in extremely large containers and I don't want to fork over the moola for a large container of something that I might not like. 
  • Flavored nut butters: In particular, Peanut Butter & Co's nut butters, such as White Chocolate Wonderful. I have seen this in stores but never have actually bought it and I would love to try it. 
  • Chia seeds: these nutritional powerhouses seem like the perfect addition to smoothies and oatmeal bowls. I have seen them all over the blogosphere, but yet again, don't want to pay $10+ for an item that I'm not sure I will enjoy (because I've never tried them!). source

Despite my dreaming of the day that I can try these items & foods, something good still came out of my nut butter fail. 

Enter: Coldstone-replica ice cream cones! My mom and I picked up some ice cream cones that were on sale at Target today ($1.12!) and I decided to make a cone for dessert tonight - Coldstone style.

I put a cutting board in the freezer for awhile and then took it out and scooped some vanilla ice cream onto it. Then I crumbled some of my nut butter into the center and mashed it up like nobody's business. 

Scoop onto a cone and you've got delicious nutty vanilla ice cream that is Coldstone-worthy! 

It was the perfect way to end the night. Now I'm off to bed - I'm actually really trying to make an attempt at getting back on California time. I have plans to take a BodyPump class at my gym at 9am tomorrow, so that means being outta bed at 8, not 11! 

What foods or items are on your wish list?

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